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When you are working in custom Mobile App Development, you can win or lose all. This is the field in which this sentence fits the best. “It really is winner take all.” Bill Gates said these words while he was confessing his big mistake in his life. We assume that such great entrepreneurs don’t make mistakes and become successful in their lives, but this is beyond reality.

Microsoft, as we all know, is the most valuable company in the world. Bill Gates said that his company had enough potential to compete with Apple company in the mobile market as well.

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity lost because of the antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft and a general lack of focus at Microsoft,” says Bill Gates in his tweet. Google overtook Apple as the primary competitor, Android sprinted ahead of Windows Mobile, and Microsoft had suffered a massive loss of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Mobile App Trends as Keystones of Your Business Success

As you can see, the leading companies are not always good examples for us. They can also make mistakes that can change harm their business badly. Sometimes, they share bad experiences with us to tell us not to screw like them. Sometimes, they give us hidden truths about their lives to inspire us. The story of Bill Gates tells us the two keystones of the mobile app development trends.

  • Time

Make a perfect time and jumped into the market at right time. You will gain potential customer’s attention. If you wait for the right time to come, you don’t do anything. Take the time and make it perfect.

  • Trends

Follow the unique trends in the market. Give the people those solutions that they don’t imagine. You will be on the list of the latest mobile app trends then. Be a trendsetter in the mobile app market and you will automatically join the battle of leaders.

In this article, I’ll talk about the newest app trends that can help your company reach its goals. Let’s get into it!

Latest Trends of Mobile App Development

  • Flutter – The Game Changer
  • User-defined Applications
  • Touch experience- changing in mobile UX
  • Face recognition
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Flutter – The Game Changer

Developers are using a bunch of platforms for mobile app development nowadays. They have multiple languages that are efficient from others — React Native, Node, Swift, Laravel, etc. Software engineers spent their time making a new platform with their dedication.

Flutter— the most tremendous app trends in 2021. Towards the end of last year, Flutter’s stable version was released. Google released the Flutter Software Development Kit (SDK) in 2014. This has become more popular because it is the latest key tool for Google’s new OS “Fuchsia.”

Flutter is the way to construct a simple application. You can use the base codes of Flutter because it fits every mobile device. There are some huge reasons for the popularity of the Flutter in the coming years.

  • Open-source language 
  • Free of cost source
  • It is built on Dart— easy-to-learn language

Advantages of Flutter

  • It is the most convenient and comfortable way of building apps. You can make changes in the code and review it at the same time. It helps to reduce the debugging time.
  • It helps you to increase collaboration among developers and the designing team. They can sit side by side and collaborate with each other to make changes at the same time. Like, changing the icon of the website can be done during developing the website.
  • When you hire mobile app developers, you can check the MVP of the apps in a few days. It can help to attract investors by representing the MVP of the apps in no time.
  • User-Defined Applications

User-defined applications are used commonly in 2021. The companies need applications for their data storage and many other purposes. They make the applications and add features that help them in their work. The most popular user-defined application is Uber that appeared last year. Now it is used worldwide for traveling purposes. The most common fields that are making user-defined applications are mentioned below:

  • Clinical purposes
  • Laundry services
  • Food delivery
  • Pet care apps
  • Fitness
  • Touch Experience- Changing in Mobile UX

The usage of the mobile has become more efficient after the dismissal of the touchpad mobile. In this era of technology, the interaction between user and mobile includes tap, double taps, tilt, rotate, etc. The movements of the users on mobile are decreasing continuously because of the latest mobile app’s trends.

When you are willing to make a revolutionary application, you have to consider these factors in the count. You have to make your app according to the innovative gestures that are offered by the latest operating systems.

You can understand this term by the example of the camera capturing the photo if we wave in front of it. It is a saved feature in the operating system of the mobile.

  • Face Recognition

Apple and Android have launched a massive feature in their operating systems. They analyze the human face and recognize the face either is real or picture by examining the emotions. China had some problems with this feature. Here is a glimpse of some of the benefits of the Face recognition feature:

  • Face recognition is used to protect your personal information and data. If you protect your data with your face ID, it is impossible to lose your data.
  • The use of face recognition in payment apps is also trending day by day. This way is too faster rather than waiting to recognize your identity with other methods. Many payment transferring apps are featuring face recognition. If you want to make your mobile app, don’t forget to add this feature.
  • As I’ve mentioned before how easy it is to use mobile apps these days.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Finding something on google from Siri and Alexa has been a part of our lives. We can search for anything on Google by giving instructions to mobile assistants. Virtual mobile assistants can perform different tasks such as:

  • Searching Information on Google
  • Remind you about your task
  • Give notifications according to the recurring events
  • Booking cabs, hotels, restaurants, etc

This feature is not only for individual users but also for giant enterprises. Its huge example is explained below:

HDFC Bank has launched its virtual assistant in 2017 and it has addressed more than 3 million questions. The response time is still less than 1 second. This virtual assistant is available for queries every time. Their customers take a lot of advantages from this AI feature— booking bus tickets, hotel booking, cab booking, etc.


Everyone is competing in the race of mobile app development. The mobile app trends are changing so fast that we have to check the updates at the right time. I have discussed some of the most important trends of 2021 that would be beneficial for your potential business. When you are making your app, you have to think about the changing trends in your mind.

I hope you have understood the important trends of mobile app development in 2021. If you have any queries about mobile app development services, you can contact our development team.

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