There are two basic crawling modes in the SEO Spider, the default ‘Crawler’ setting which permits you to input and also creep a website, and ‘Checklist’, which allows you to submit a checklist Lists of Crawler of URLs as well as creep them.

It seems simple, as well as it is– but there are some advanced uses list setting, that are a little bit extra complicated and make it truly powerful, which this overview covers listed below.

First off, let’s go over the basics. To switch to listing setting, click ‘Setting > Listing’ in the high-level navigating.

‘ List’ setting isn’t actually that various from normal ‘Lists Crawler‘ mode, there are 2 crucial differences:

1. The interface adjustments to reveal an upload button instead of an address bar.

2. The ‘Restriction Crawl Deepness’ arrangement is automatically enabled as well as readied to ‘0’. This implies that just the URLs you submit in checklist mode will certainly be crept.

The second point is the essential distinction, as it implies just the Links published will be crept. It won’t creep these Links and also their images, or their outside web links and so on. It will just creep the Links uploaded, absolutely nothing else.

* Unless you’re making use of JavaScript providing, where the search engine optimization Crawler needs to creep the page sources to precisely render the page in its headless Chrome web browser.

Check out our video overview on listing setting, or remain to review our guide below.

Uploading A Checklist

When you remain in listing setting (Mode > List), simply click the ‘Upload’ button and also select to submit from a file, enter into a dialog box, paste a list of URLs or download and install an XML Sitemap.

It’s that easy. Yet there are a couple of preliminary things you ought to understand in listing setting when uploading Links.

Method Required

If you do not include either HTTP or HTTPS (e.g, just, the link will not be read as well as submitted.

You’ll see a very sad message stating ‘located 0 URLs’. So always include the URL with protocol, for example.



The search engine optimization Crawler will immediately identify the number of are distinct Links to be crept.

For a tiny listing, it’s easy to see (for many SEOs) that these 4 URLs are actually just 2 unique Links, but with bigger listings, it can be much less evident.

The SEO Spider page is duplicated, while the piece link (with a ‘#’) is not viewed as a different special link, so it’s normalised upon upload.

If these URLs are published into the SEO Crawler, it will report that it’s discovered the 4 URLs– and also normalize them in the window dialog-

Nevertheless, upon creeping it will just crawl the distinct URLs (2 in this situation).

Although it’s just crept 2 unique Links from the 4 posted, you are still able to export your original uploaded list in the same order.


You can just make use of the ‘export switch’ on any type of tab as usual to export data from checklist mode.

However, if you wish to export data in listing mode in the very same order it was posted to match back versus other data, after that utilize the ‘Export’ switch which shows up alongside the ‘upload’ and also ‘begin’ switches at the top of the user interface.

The information in the export will certainly be in the same order as well as consist of all of the specific URLs in the initial upload, consisting of duplicates or any fix-ups done.

The ‘Original URL’ is the URL posted, while the ‘Address’ is the Link the SEO Spider crept.

Advanced Crawling In Listing Mode.

List setting is really powerful with the right set up. There are a few amazing innovative uses that you need to understand to aid you laser-focus your analysis and also conserve time and effort.

Creeping A Listing of URLs, & Another Element.

Checklist setting can be extremely versatile as well as enable you to crawl the list of Links you submit, and an additional component.

As an example, if you wanted to creep a listing of Links as well as its images. Or you needed to investigate a list of URLs and their recently executed canonicals, AMP, or hireling as opposed to the whole site. Or you wished to collect all external links from a listing of URLs for damaged link building. You can perform all of these in list setting, and the process is practically the very same.

As soon as you remain in list mode, get rid of the crawl depth limitation that is immediately readied to ‘0’. Go to ‘Config > Spider > Restrictions’ and also untick the setup.

This indicates the SEO Lists Crawler will certainly currently crawl your listing of Links– and all Links on the same subdomain that they connect to.

As a result you need to regulate what is crawled specifically using the granular configuration options. Navigate to ‘Config > Crawler > Crawl’. Disable all ‘Source Links’ and ‘Web page Links’ in the arrangement menu for ‘Crawl’.

After that select the element( s) you desire to ‘Creep’ together with your list of Links. As an example, if you wanted to creep the checklist of Links and its photos, the set up would certainly be.

And also if you post a single link, such as the search engine optimization Lists Crawler page, you can see both the page and its pictures are crawled.

This advanced configurability enables laser-focused bookkeeping of exactly the link elements you need.

Bookkeeping Redirects.

If you’re bookkeeping reroutes in a website migration it can be particularly valuable to crawl their target Links as well as any kind of redirect chains ran into. This conserves needing to post several listings of target Links each time to get to completion.

In this scenario, we advise making use of the ‘always comply with redirects’ arrangement under ‘Config > Spider > Advanced’. Enabling this arrangement implies the ‘crawl depth limit’ is neglected and also reroutes will certainly be adhered to till they reach a non-3XX feedback (or your until your ‘Max Redirects To Comply with’ limit is reached under ‘Config > Crawler > Limits’).

If you after that make use of the ‘All Redirects’ report, it will map out the full chain of redirects in a solitary report.

Please review our guide on How To Audit Redirects In A Site Migration for even more detail on this process.

Linking To APIs.

In list setting you can connect to GA, GSC, PSI as well as backlink analysis tool APIs to pull in data. For instance, you can link to the Ahrefs API, and also pull in data such as referring domain names, search phrases, traffic and also worth, which is after that shown in the ‘Web link Metrics’ tab.

This can be incredibly beneficial when gathering data for affordable evaluation for example.


The overview above should assist highlight how to utilize list mode and its advanced usages in the SEO Lists Crawler.

Please additionally review our Screaming Frog Search Engine Optimization Spider Frequently asked questions and also complete customer overview for additional information on the device.

If you have any kind of additional questions, after that just get in touch by means of support.


So you can save on utility items while buying and after buying by utilizing some tricks and tips you can build up a few of your money in your savings. And also why not conserve when you can save some additional cents from your hard-earned cash and for which you are struggling a whole lot.

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