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Do you know the latest statistics about social media platforms?. Data reports state that According to July 2021 statistics, nearly 4.48 billion people use social media and instant messenger chat apps globally. Technically that counts for more than 50% of the world population. The users include people from teenagers to people in their 60’s and above. 

Just ask yourself how much time you usually spend on your smartphone. Now calculate the time spent on famous apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. Just check it for fun for a day and I am sure you will be surprised that how many hours of the day are you wasting on these platforms. Now imagine the generation who is born and brought up within this technology. It is like their lifestyle and normal which is certainly unhealthy and dangerous. So to keep the young generation safe from the drastic effects of social media addiction and hazards of misuse of IM chat apps, there are spy app or monitoring software for our help. Some of you will be well aware of these terms, if not no need to worry about it as we are here to tell you everything that you want to know and more.

Let’s take the example of the WhatsApp spy app Offered by the Ogyogy. WhatsApp is globally used as a quality service to send text and make audio and video calls. It also offers a voice message delivering option, media sharing in any format, group text options, and much more. With the WhatsApp spy app, users can monitor all of this and much more remotely without letting the target know.

  • These kinds of social media apps features offered by the OgyMogy monitoring software are very helpful for parents. As being the guardian of minors it is the parent’s right to keep up with the online life of the teenagers and have insights into what is happening there. It should not be considered as surveillance instead it is just a safety precaution to keep the teenagers safe from online invasion and attacks. 

  • Another main usage of the Whatsapp spy app is employee monitoring. Monitor the WhatsApp chat of the employees through the company-owned device and track any violation of the rule book right away.
  • With the text message, monitoring ability user can read the text message content of the target WhatsApp account. That includes private messages as well as group chats. You can know if your teen is using foul language in texting or if anyone is bullying or threatening him. Use the WhatsApp spy app feature to make sure your teen enjoys a healthy toxic-free space.

  • Access to group chats of the employees means you can know about all the insights and important matters of the workplace. Track any workplace bully or know if any employees have complaints regarding the workplace environment. 

  • You can know about the incoming and outgoing call records of the target person in detail as well. The WhatsApp spy app keeps a record of all the information with time and date. You can know about it whenever you want even if the target tries to get rid of the record from the device. 

  • Remote access to the contacts of the teenager can give you information about the red flags right away. Take necessary measures and assure the online safety of your child with the OgyMogy spy app. 

  • One of the best use of the WhatsApp spy app is the monitoring of media shared through the target device. In terms of employee monitoring and parental control, this feature can be very smartly used to avoid any problem whatsoever. For example, as parental control, you can use this feature to make sure your child doesn’t send or receive text messages, nude photos or porn, etc. Similarly, an employee monitoring tool uses the feature to keep a check on illegal sharing of confidential information or data in any form to outsiders.  

Explore other features just like the WhatsApp spy app offered by the OgyMogy and make use of cyberspace a little less stress full and toxic. OgyMogy offers its service in the form of an android spy app, Mac and Windows versions as well. Select the bundle, install the app and start tracking.   

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