As human beings, we are naturally attracted to real-life clips. Such videos convince people more easily and prompt them to take quick action. That is the reason why more and more digital marketers and businesses have been proactively using video marketing as their preferred marketing communication. When done the right way the Benefits of video marketing can produce awesome results and sustainable growth that transcends the benefits of conventional ads like banner advertisements. In this post we will highlight the major advantages that justify each extra dollar you spend on video marketing:

Better conversion rate on social media

You can only be able to convey your message if the viewers engage with your audience. Being an animated, lively form of advertisement, video ads can instantly capture videos’ attention and compel them to take prompt action. Videos have a deeper influence on the viewers and also enjoy an excellent recall value. Being extensively shared on social media platforms, videos also help you to add organic traffic and multiply the visibility across a wider audience.

What’s more, Facebook and other social media platforms now offer priority treatment to the videos and have created specific metrics to ensure that engaging videos get the rewards they deserve. It is all due to the changing preferences of audiences who prefer videos over general posts. Some facts strongly hint that the videos with an engagement rate of at least 1 minute instantly catch the attention of Facebook which increases the possibility of them getting priority visibility.

Better RoI on your advertisements 

With videos, you can easily make your way through this noise by offering a welcome respite to the prospects in the form of an engaging and more interesting form of ads that entertains the viewers. Unlike conventional ads, the prospects won’t passively ignore your video advertisements but actively engage with them.   

There are strong statistics to suggest the success of video ads. The video ads enjoy the highest CTR and the completion rate of video ads (which cannot be skipped) on YouTube is as high as 92% which is remarkably high. 

Improved SEO profile

Being an engaging form of information, the video marketing also helps in boosting your SEO profile. You should probably be aware that engagement rate is among the major factors that Google counts when determining SERPs ranking position. With video ads, it becomes easier to keep the visitors engaged for longer than in Google’s perspective translates to meaningful information that matches the intent of the visitors and satisfies their queries.  It brings you into the good books of Google and will eventually help you get a better ranking position.

When and how should you start video marketing?

As the use of videos in advertisements is fast getting popular it becomes extremely important to join the bandwagon sooner rather than later. There isn’t any wisdom in giving competitors a chance to adopt and benefit from video marketing before you start experimenting with it. 

With an increasing number of social media users preferring video content, the question of video marketing is not about whether or not you need it, but it’s about how soon you should adopt it. Many businesses think so deeply about the “how” component that it delays their journey. What they miss to notice is that it denies the theme the fast-mover the advantage they can get by speeding up the transition journey.

The right way is to take tentative, small steps and quickly claim the limelight instead of making bigger strategies backstage.  Increase Ad Effectiveness    The conventional ads on the internet have been running for so long that the buyers have started treating them as “regular noise” you have to cope up with.

Here are some strong statistics suggesting the effect of video communication on SEO profile:

  • According to 73% of B2B marketers video has a positive impact on ROI
  • More than half marketers agree that video produces best ROI
  • 8 out of every 10 video marketers is happy with the way it has increased their sales

How to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns?

The video not only increases the brand awareness but proactively increases the conversions. In some studies it has been found that when done the right way the video marketing can bring a remarkable boost to lead generation probabilities which in turn results in higher conversion rate.

 The best ways to boost your conversion rate through video marketing are:

  • Adding video to top landing pages with a decent traffic
  • Adding lead capture provision to the videos
  • Incorporating video in the thanking you pages
  • Using videos in email marketing campaigns
  • Sending personal video message to high prospects and matured leads
  • Using video testimonials to build trust

Other things that will help you gain the optimum returns out of your video strategy are:

  • Set right metrics before starting video marketing 
  • Small tentative steps are better than big, risky leaps
  • Strategic CTAs to tie your business benefits with videos (One CTA at a time)
  • Don’t confine your video marketing to specific platforms but experiment with different platforms
  • Use trusted high quality tools and platforms to create videos with a professional appeal
  • Train your staff to extract maximum potential out of video marketing


Video advertising is gaining very high popularity among digital marketers due to its high return value. While it needs more resources, efforts, and expenses, the RoI value of video marketing is equal. Right from creating a market for a newly launched product to multiplying the sales during the festive period or creating brand awareness among the targeted audiences, there are many different ways in which video marketing helps enterprises to achieve their business goals in a reasonable time. That said, one needs to carefully plan the video marketing campaign to enjoy maximum benefits. For beginners, the key to a video marketing campaign is to start small and scale up gradually. With the right strategies, appropriate platforms, and detailed market research the businesses can build a significant market value with the help of video marketing. 

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